New Software Launched
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By | 05/01/2024

We are proud and pleased to announce that we have released our new business marketing software to help small businesses promote their business at either no, or little cost.  You can now register and get started today.

You can promote your business, club, charity in a number of ways with us, by…

Having a link from us to your website

It has been shown many times that having a link from other websites back to your own is advantageous, especially if the content is similar and supporting.  This we achieve with our “links”, each link can describe your webpage and when searched for, creates a “mini network” of related content supporting your website, product, service or club.

Popping your business card and contact details

You can if you wish, optionally add a little code script on each of your webpages, that is used to create a social media “like” function.  When the viewer likes your webpage, we can “pop” your sales credentials straight to them offering them a digital business card.  You can chose what information to give to them including your logo.  Obviously, if they like your webpage, they are then more likely to get in touch.

To see how these webpage “like” buttons work, please feel free to look at an example at a car club: www.AutoDesignMiniOwners.Club


Register today for FREE and create your digital business card and start registering links.