How To Add The Feedback Script To Your Webpage

After you have created your link, (see guide: How to create a link to your webpage), go into “Links” then click the “edit pencil” of the link to your webpage.

Locate and click the “Website Scripts” button.

Then copy to your clipboard the following code script.

Note: Each link has it’s own unique public key and this is used to create page specific views, likes and dislikes.

Now, edit your HTML file of your webpage, if you are using WordPress, you will want to look at the “Text” view rather than the “Visual” view.

Paste in your code script to the end of your webpage and select Save / Update / Publish on your webpage editor.

Now you can test your code snippet is working by viewing your webpage.  It should look something like…

Note: If you have set the Business Card option in “Links” to pop a business card, when the viewer “likes” your webpage, the business card you chose along with the information on that card that you chose will be popped to their screen.  In this way, the email addresses are “hidden” until a real person “likes” your webpage, so your webpage cannot be trawled and harvested for email addresses.  All telephone links can be dialled from any telephone for your visitor to easily make contact.