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Having a FREE link from Site Links Online to your own website will help your websites SEO ranking.  You can even add a FREE counter to every page or post on your website that not only records and reports views, but your visitors can additionally click a social media style “like” button, and have it optionally pop up the contact details of your choice for them to immediately make contact.  No need for them to find your contacts page.

Business Cards

When you are a sales person, wouldn’t it be good if you could have your contact details alongside your product listing for a potential client introduction?  Well, with our software, you can do just that and get FREE introductions and make contact directly.  It is not mandatory, but, you can choose which contact details you wish to display along with your logo.  You do this easily by including a little of our code at the bottom of each page or post on your website.


Reporting in real time showing how many times your link has been seen and clicked.  You can from this functionality determine which of your links perform the best compared with competitors.  You can then gain a competitive edge with your SEO strategy.

Also, if you are using the “view and likes” counter, you can get feedback to the number of views and likes on each page or post on your website for any time frame you chose.

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