Automatic Link Approvals
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By | 17/05/2023

Our systems rely heavily on AI (artificial intelligence) in order to check links meet our strict policy standards, and then approve the link to your own webite or another that you are promoting.

We now have this fully working, reducing the manual admin interventions by 99%, improving the time taken from your change to our approval.

However, there will be a time where a link may not be approved, perhaps because the AI falsely detected the wrong meaning, and when this happens, in about 1% of cases, it will be automatically submitted for manual admin approval.  An admin can then take a look at the meaning, and either reject or accept the submitted link.  Depending on volumes, this may still take a little while.

When the admin accepts a link during a manual intervention, the AI rule set is automatically updated to reflect the new neuance of meaning in order to add a positive learning feedback into the AI algorithms and improve our service and speed of automatic approval.